The Great Transition

I received this Channeling from Spirit on May 16, 2009….

Dear Ones,

All that has come before you in this life, all that you have had to deal with and experience personally is of your own creation. All of your tragedies, all of your triumphs are your handiwork. It is time for you to step up and acknowledge such. A time of new transition is upon us. By now you have had plenty of practice in creating various realities and experiences in this dense energy plane. You do not need to practice such mundane manifesting any longer. You have reached proficiency.

We are past the time of dallying, wherein you may pretend that you are the victim of the world and its circumstances, for to do so is to deny your power. We are long past the time of pretending that such distractions as gossip, politics, “news,” and the accumulation of wealth are of great import. Surely by now you know they are not. For all of those things are temporal. They are illusory. They are merely smoke in the wind, no matter how real, grand or important they appear to be.

It is time to release the ego based pursuits, wherein you were keeping score. You were keeping score regarding whether “your side” or the “other side” prevailed in political activities. You were keeping score regarding your self being right or wrong in comparison to others. You were measuring wealth and acquisition as a way of keeping score. Time to stop competing. We do not care if “he/she started it.” It is no longer of import. Time to move on is upon us.

You chose this incarnation to intentionally exercise your power – with care and forethought. You volunteered to be one of the gatekeepers who will assist in ushering in the new energies that will begin the Great Transition. If you check your memory banks, you will find they hold this information in the form of a Prophecy. And we know you remember that you volunteered to assist, as you have done many other times of great import.

The Great Transition will raise energies to a new higher level. If you distract yourself with these petty diversions, you will have difficulty withstanding the energy increase, for it will be mighty. You are already feeling the ramping up of energy. Occasionally, you remark that it is so strong as to be difficult to bear. You speak of restlessness, impending. This is only the beginning of the process. The strength and intensity of the energy is very mild compared to where it will be soon, for we are about to experience an opening of the floodgates of energy.

You will need to focus much more of yourself on being present in the here and now. Such petty distractions as those we described will pull you off task.

One of your tasks is to help modulate the energy so that it will be tolerable to others. In order to do this, you must open up to your own power. You must accept how mighty you are. Accept it with humility. For you must step up and own your power in order to use it to modulate the energies. Without proper modulation, The Great Transition will become extremely chaotic.

A significant amount of chaos will be present anyway, as this is coming a time of extreme change in energy alignments. But through your modulation, there will be some sense of order and an energy “refuge” (for want of a better term) for those who have agreed to assist in the aftermath of The Great Transition.

You will witness many exquisitely beautiful energies and the beautiful situations they carry. You will also see many horrific events as the result of these extreme energies. There will be great cruelty and great acts of kindness. Everything will be intensified exponentially as the energies ramp up.

We will provide more instruction during the next few days. For now, we recommend that you sit in meditation every day. Twice a day if you can. During that meditation time, enclose yourself in a brilliant white shaft of light that completely encompasses you and extends out into infinity. This will assist you in becoming more accustomed to the powerful energies that are coming. It will assist you in raising your own vibratory patterns, while in a beautiful, safe space.

Allow that shaft of light to give you the experience of the ramped up energy without the harshness. The harshness comes when your own vibrational levels are not sufficiently elevated. When you are not allowing yourself to experience your own great power, the differential between the strength of the energy you hold and the new energies is too great. Therefore, it is extremely uncomfortable and feels harsh.

Practice this in your meditations and we will soon be providing more guidance.

Copyright © 2009 Victoria Young