Stop "Trying"

I’m sure you remember how we have been told for years that we should eliminate the word “but” from our vocabulary. The reason being that when you put it in the middle of a sentence, you negate everything that came before it. Examples: I want to go to that class but it costs $100. He’s a nice guy but I know things about him that you don’t. See how it negates the first part? It is an excellent idea to ban “but” from your language.

Another word that needs to get the heave-ho is “try.” Eliminate the word “try” from your vocabulary because “try” implies things like:

“probably can’t”
“don’t believe I can”
“will pretend to do it”

Do you remember Yoda? He is one of my favorite movie characters. In Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back, Luke Skywalker is taking training from Yoda. Yoda instructs Luke to do something, to which he replies that he will try. Jedi Master Yoda responds with:

“Do, or do not. There is no ‘try.'”

That phrase from Yoda is used often in motivational classes because the instructors know well that “try” can be a sabotage word.

I met one of my heroes, Louise Hay in 1989 at the American Booksellers Association convention in Washington, DC. We were both working the convention in adjoining booths. Hay House was fairly new and she was there to promote their titles. I was there to promote my book Spirit Guides; communicating with your unseen friends.

Since we were standing next to each other for hours, we chatted periodically. I was wearing a fuchsia colored dress. Louise commented that it was a good color on me. I said “Thanks, I’m trying to lose weight and…” She cut me off before I could finish the sentence. “You’re not trying to do anything.” Louise said, “Either you’re losing weight or you’re not.”

I was a little taken aback by the abrupt manner in which she said it, but immediately realized the truth in what she said. I said “Thank you, I’m losing weight and I like this color.”

“That’s better,” she said with a smile.

One of my favorite quotes on the subject comes from Dick Sutphen, Psychic researcher and author and speaker on hypnotherapy. Dick Sutphen was a pioneer in the subliminal audio field. He had dozens of tapes available in the 1980s that had pleasant music along with subliminal suggestions for losing weight, having confidence, etc.

Dick Sutphen said:
“Trying is lying. There is no such thing as trying. You do it or you don’t. You get results in life or you have excuses why you didn’t. When people say,’I’ll try,’ they usually mean, ‘I’m not
going to do it now.'”

If you stop trying and start doing, you will notice that your success rate in achieving your goals will go up!

Copyright © 2009 by Victoria Young