Stop Multi-tasking — Start Being Present

I recently observed someone who had visitors. While the visitors were there, she had the television on and was splitting her attention between visitors and TV. In addition, she was also taking calls on her land line and her mobile phone – sometimes both at the same time. When she was talking to someone on the mobile (while the visitors were sitting quietly, but the TV was loud), another call was coming in on the mobile, so she cut off the call in order to take the second call, even though she did not EVEN know who the second caller was.

When I was driving home at about 11:00 PM a couple of nights ago, there was a car driving erratically on the freeway, weaving badly. I wanted to get past him as soon as possible to avoid an accident. As I passed, it was clear he was texting while driving 70 MPH on the freeway.

When I go through the checkout stand at the grocery store, I observe the person in front of me talking loudly on the cell phone about details of her personal life that the rest of us did not need to hear. As she carried on the conversation, she did not speak to the cashier who was waiting on her. She did not even acknowledge the clerk’s existence. Ninety percent (perhaps more) of her attention was directed toward telling her sordid story to the other person on the phone.

All of these people are examples of someone putting their attention somewhere other than HERE AND NOW.

As I was thinking about this article, my guidance came through on June 17, 2009. Here is what they said:

Dear Ones,

So many of you are desperately seeking something by trying to do more and more. You think that if you keep fitting more DOING into your time that you will get closer to the something you seek. It is actually creating a wider separation between you and the something you seek.

Some of you seek approval. This approval could come in the form of admiration by others, people telling you that you do a good job, or telling you how clever you are, how nice you are, how funny you are. No matter what form of approval you seek, you are seeking it to validate your worthiness so that YOU can truly believe that you are “good enough.” If you are seeking this kind of validation, it is likely that there would never be enough approval to convince you that you no longer need to seek approval.

Some of you are seeking control. The kind of control you seek is an illusion. You think that if you just do enough, you can control everything that happens and have everything be exactly as you prefer. Do you not realize that Source has ability to override your control at anytime? Do you not realize that by seeking control, you are not leaving room for the unexpected miracles of life to flow in? Those who seek control are resisting the benevolent flow of life.

Some of you are seeking security, which is a variation of control. The security you seek may be in the form of “safety.” If you are working hard to seek safety then you do not trust Source to keep you safe. Seeking safety may mean you believe the world is not safe. Do not forget that your life experience will validate your core beliefs. If you believe it is not safe, you will experience “not safe.”

Some of you are seeking security in the form of “money.” Again, we are sure you can easily see that seeking security in the form of money is a reflection of a core belief that “there is not enough.” Do you not yet know that Source is infinitely abundant? We shall repeat, for this is important. Source is infinitely abundant. Infinitely abundant.

A long time ago, someone who was paying attention heard the words “Be still and know that I am.” Source tells us to be still — be present — and remember that Source is all that is. Infinitely abundant. Take comfort in that.

If you can give up your busy-ness, be still, be present, you will realize you already are all that you seek. You are part of Source yourself. In ancient times they used the term “child of God” to express the knowledge that they are one with Source. It has since become a term used to emphasize separation between self and God.

There is no separation. There is only one. One Source. One “all-that-is.” There is no need for so much activity. Be still. Know that Source is all. Relax into this knowledge and you will realize there is nothing to seek.

Copyright © 2009 by Victoria Young