Review – A New Earth by Eckart Tolle

I was lucky enough to find this book in March 2007, when I was going through a personal crisis. I read it twice. I am now reading it again. The wisdom contained in this book goes far beyond words. (Odd for me to say, I know, since a book is a collection of words.)

A New Earth reminds us who we really are. We are pure Source energy, eternal and forever a part of the One Source of all-that-is. The quietness of meditation helps us realize that. Tolle says that when we don’t remember who we are, we are experiencing the Pain Body, the pain from the negative energy field that occupies the body and mind. It is an emotional pain body.

I discovered recently, when working with someone on thoughts creating reality, that you cannot consistently create the reality you want if you don’t know who you really are. The person I was working with claims to believe that we create our reality. And yet she was completely resisting ownership of something she created.

All of her languaging was the words of victimhood, talking about somebody ruining her life. When I asked her to go back to her beliefs that we create our reality, she went into that “yeah, but” mode. I realized after a bit that her real issue was that she was caught up in this illusion and didn’t remember who she really is. She was rooted in the Pain Body of accumulated negative energy of the body and mind.

The Pain Body operates in the same way as The Law of Attraction. It attracts negative energy and situations that resonate to the negativity of itself. If you get wrapped up in the pain and suffering, believing it is real, it will continue further. Until you let go of the Pain Body, you are trapped in the cycle.

Most of us can let go of believing we are this physical body if we ponder it. Much harder, is letting go of the Mind, the ego that keeps us in pain. Because we so strongly identify with our mind, we think we are nothing without it.

Eckhart Tolle masterfully tells us how to awaken to who we really are and let go of the Pain Body. He gently leads us to the realization of who we really are and how we can move beyond the Pain Body to our real selves.

I was happy to discover that Oprah has embraced this book and made it part of her book club. In addition, she was so enthusiastic about it that she created “A New Earth Webcast” for people to use in studying the principles of the book. I recommend it highly.

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