Give up "Shadow" Power for Real Power

The world and the circumstances you experience are a reflection of what is within you. If you can truly realize this, you can accept and experience your Magnificent Power. You are one with all-that-is. You are one with Source.

Because you are one with Source, you have the characteristics and power of Source itself. You are within Source. Source is within you. You are Source.

Many ancient traditions say things like “the world is your mirror” and “the kingdom of heaven is within you.”

The Buddhist tradition says “Within your heart there is a lotus, and within this lotus is a diamond.” The diamond is the Source of Creation and in all of Creation there is only One Lotus.

Modern day scientists and mystics refer to the universe as being holographic. A hologram contains all of its information in every segment, no matter how small. David Bohm – a pioneer in Quantum Physics said that our reality is not made of ‘stuff’ (particles), but it is one interconnected whole — a holographic universe.

Ancient traditions, mystics and scientists are are all saying the same thing. The Universe is comprised of energy as Consciousness or Awareness. This Consciousness permeates all that is. It is both the Source and the Creation. You are both the Source and the Creation, with all of the power it implies.

Many people concentrate on trying to figure out how to create their own reality. The fact is that they already create it. We all do.

Back in 1990, I was teaching a week long class at Lily Dale. A student of the class approached me on a break to challenge me on my statement that we create our own reality. He asked if I thought there were any exceptions to that. I said “No – no exceptions – we create it all – the good stuff and the stuff that we think sucks.”

He said he could not accept that idea, because if he did, he could no longer blame his parents for messing him up. His was invested in blaming others for his lot in life. He thought that being able to blame them gave him some power over them. Perhaps he was able to use it to manipulate them occasionally.

Actually, he was playing victim. He saw himself as the victim of his parents’ actions. There is a kind of power that some people gain from playing victim. However, it is a very limited “shadow” power. Shadow power requires you to continue to be the victim to maintain it. Victims don’t go very far, because there are few possibilities for this kind of power.

I told the student that it is not a matter of “blame” but a matter of “responsibility.” Blame involves judgment. If you blame yourself or others for something, you are adding judgment to the mix. You are backing off from your power.

Real power comes from owning responsibility for your life. Real power has unlimited responsibilities.

Accepting responsibility for what you have created is an acknowledgment of your power to create it. It also implies you have the power to create differently, if you choose. When you get comfortable with accepting responsibility, you become more able to exercise your power.

You let go of blame and recrimination. You realize that everything you created in your life is part of a learning experience. You realize that the “mistakes” you made were part of a growth experience. They don’t make you a bad person. They just contribute to your wisdom. Learn from them and choose to create differently.

[Written with help from guidance on June 11, 2009]

Copyright © 2009 by Victoria Young