Getting Your Mind Out of the Way

This is information my guidance has shared with me. I am not actually proposing that you totally remove your mind from all of your processes. You need it for all sorts of handy things, such as reading this article.

However, we need to pay attention to our minds, discover our negative, habitual thought patterns and learn to redirect the mind toward more desirable outcomes.

The mind works hard to make “sense” of the world. It is attempting to give you control and therefore, safety. It perceives safety as freedom from pain in any form. (Examples might include physical pain, pain from loss, fear of pain, feeling insecure or threatened, etc.) The mind also perceives pain as being inflicted from external sources.

Making ‘progress’ with the mind requires that you understand certain basic concepts. All else is built upon these concepts. For those of you who have not encountered these ideas before, they will seem pretty radical. But, once you delve into them, they make perfect sense.

There are a few basic ways that the mind gets “in the way.”

— Believing everything is real and perpetuating the story.
— Believing your mind has little or no power.
— Believing in limitation.

Each of these can be overcome with a little diligence and practice. We will discuss each of these in this article.

In addition, it can be extremely useful to create a gap in our thinking, in the form of meditation. The mind is constantly going on, non-stop and mostly about all sorts of things that we do not need in our experience, but are habituated to thinking. Getting that regular ‘break’ from thinking allows us to experience the Infinite Source and our connection to it. We will offer some tips on quieting the mind, as well.

Remembering that this is an illusion created by Mind

The Universe is a mighty Source, positively teeming with possibilities. When I use the word ‘Universe,’ I am referring to something far greater than the physical worlds described by your scientists. I am referring to Source itself. Some call it God, Goddess, Spirit, the Quantum Field, All-that-is, the Tao or other terms. It is greater than any words, so none of them completely describes it.

It is the Source of everything you have, everything you don’t have, and everything that happens to you. And everything you experience is delivered to you from Source, based on requests you make with your mind, via thoughts, hopes, dreams and fears.

You forget that this is an illusion because it seems to be so very real. Your mind perpetuates a reality by believing this is real.
You may rationalize with a belief that this is a world which has existed long before you got here and will continue to exist long after you are gone. “If it existed before me, it must be real, right?” you say.

Quite simply, you are making up this whole life of yours. The Infinite, unlimited Source is merely responding to your mind, like a warehouse responding to a shipping request. Nothing exists independently of your thoughts.

This is the toughest concept for most people to wrap their brains around. Virtually every religious tradition teaches this. Christianity tells you that the Kingdom of God is within you. Hinduism tells you that God dwells within you as you. Sufis say you should seek God within before you start to look for God on the outside.

Science, in the form of Quantum mechanics is discovering that nothing is solid (real). There is far more space between atoms that make up your body or a table or a wall than the space the atoms actually occupy. And when they look deeper, they discover that the atoms themselves are not solid either. (I think of it as sort of etheric thought-clouds of potential.) They also know that the act of observing something changes it. And that scientific ‘results’ are affected by expectations. Quantum Physics seems to be learning that pretty much nothing is real without the observer. The observer (thinker) makes it real, but only for as long as he-she is observing it.

The Mind Creates From Positive (Flowing) activities and Negative (Resisting) activities.

Every thought you have places an ‘order’ to the Infinite, Unlimited Source. And your habitual thoughts have ‘hardened’ over time into beliefs. If you believe the world is hostile, your reality will be colored by that, and things will be difficult. If you believe the world is friendly, your reality will be more pleasant.

Let’s say you have a thought of gratitude, such as, “Thank you for my wonderful job and friends.” That thought just placed an order with Source for more experiences of ‘wonderful job and friends.’

Or suppose you think, “My boss is a pain in the neck and my friends are undependable.” That thought just placed an order for more hassles with the boss and friends.

Because it seems to be so very real to you, you allow yourself to be drawn into all the circumstances, gossip, arguments and choosing up sides. This is where it is blatantly obvious that the mind is “in the way.”

You may believe that “he did this to me,” or “she made me do that.” If so, you have made the choice to play victim. Victims give away their real power and use a pseudo-power of getting people to feel sorry for them. This pseudo-power may successfully manipulate others for a while, but it is not real power, fully connected to the Infinite Source. Their mind is resisting their connection to Source.

People can sabotage or harden their reality in even more subtle ways … with thoughts whose implied message is one of limitation, lack or non-deserving.

Observing the Mind to Find Your Limiting Beliefs.

Your limiting beliefs are usually in one of two categories: what you think you deserve and what you believe is possible.

You Get What You Believe You Deserve

If you want to know what you believe, look at your world and your circumstances. Is your life easy or hard? Do you see your many blessings or struggles? Are people kind to you? Since everything in your life is created from your beliefs, then everything you are experiencing is a reflection of your beliefs. When you begin to accept that, you begin to accept how powerful you really are.

Thoughts and self-talk that are derogatory create a negative reality based on the notion that you are not deserving. Thoughts and self-talk that are positive and supportive create a free-flowing reality based on the knowledge that you have value and are deserving.

If you experience circumstances of being “successful” in your life — it is merely an illusion. It is the perfect reflection of your inner belief that you are valuable and deserving of success. If you experience your life as being a “failure” then it once again is a perfect reflection of inner perceptions. In this case, the perceptions are of unworthiness.

The antidote to feelings of unworthiness is making the decision to love yourself and expand what is possible. You are a perfect creation of Source. You deserve love – especially YOUR love.

You Get What You Believe Is Possible

Please understand that you create all of this. It is all your grand illusion. If you buy into the circumstances as real, then you allow the illusion to become even stronger. Every time you repeat a thought, you give it more “solidity.” It becomes more real. As you accept it as reality, it validates your inner perception and makes it grow stronger. As your inner perception grows even stronger, then it creates even more reinforcements (in the form of a thought-reflection) to your circumstances.

This is the process at hand regardless of whether you have positive or negative circumstances. You can choose to step back and become aware that it is all an illusion. It is all a reflection of beliefs you hold about reality. Are you struggling because you believe in limitation? Do you believe it is impossible to get more money, a new job?

Not so long ago, it was impossible for a man to run a distance of one mile in under four minutes. It was impossible because everyone believed it was impossible. In fact, doctors said that it was dangerous to attempt such a thing, because of its impossibility. They said attempting such a feat could cause one great harm, even death. A man named Roger Bannister decided not to believe that. He decided that in his reality, he could break that 4-minute barrier. And so he did, with dedication and practice.

Within six or seven weeks, another chap ran even faster than Bannister. And then another and another, for it was no longer impossible. Today, no one believes it is impossible and runners regularly break that “barrier.”

It is only impossible if you believe it is impossible. Your belief in limitation is your blockage. What is impossible is only what you haven’t experienced yet, or what your mind cannot figure out.

Here are some ideas to help you let go of limiting beliefs. Every time that you manifest something that you can see comes from your beliefs, your belief that you can overcome the”impossible” strengthens. Say you want $10,000. But you do not know of any way that you could get it. No one you know has it to give to you. So, you believe it is impossible, because your mind cannot figure out where it will come from. Follow these steps:

1. Make your request for $10,000, preferably in the form of an expectation. Write down “I expect $10,000.”

2. Thank Source for sending you the money.

3. Relax and allow it in.

Sounds too simple for some, I know. But it is that simple. Most have heard the term “Let go and Let God.” This is the same process. State your desire, give thanks because you know it is on the way and allow Source to deliver it.

Copyright © 2009 by Victoria Young