Connecting with I AM — Part 2

By Jon Mark

This is a continuation of  a message I received from Spirit on 2 April 2009.










We have had that thought. We have held it and it has gestated. We have shared it with those that would help us grow it and now we begin to incorporate that thought into our being. We begin to align our thoughts, our being and open to the greater wisdom that lies within the thought. This is the place where the awareness sets in that many things are not as they seem.

We have matured with our thoughts and really see/feel how this/these thought(s) are now becoming beliefs and how we are incorporating them into our mind and into our lives. Once again our old friend discernment comes into play. Are we coming into alignment with this with ease or are we shoving something that does not really fit into our vibrational field because we are doing it for someone else?

The manifestation of our lives is nothing more than an exercise in alignment. Remember alignment does not happen just for us but for those around us. Remember that alignment is not constant and it can change. There will be people through out your life where at one time you were in alignment with them and then it faded. It by no means, means you love them less. It just means that you were together once and now it is not comfortable for you to stay where you are, you have moved away from alignment.


Do you realize joy is your natural state of being? What is joy? Joy is one of the more complex emotions in your dimension yet so many take it for granted. Joy is not just happiness. Joy has a deeper component to it that you may have forgotten. When you “enjoy” (in-joy) it are you not also giving thankfulness for it as well? Think about it for a moment. Think of something or someone that brings you joy. Feel yourself begin to smile, feel that energy of joy swell up from deep inside the core of your being. Feel it rise from within you moving upward. Right as it passes the heart there is a connection made with love and through love thankfulness is triggered as a by product of joy. Our challenge to you is this, next time joy arises with you, be conscious of these feelings. Allow the feeling of love and thankfulness to be in the forefront of your mind. When you see that perfect sunset, feel the love you have for what you see and experience the full depth of thankfulness that you were able to witness such a beautiful sight. When you see a sight of God’s creation, say a beautiful mountain, do you take the moment and drink it in with all your senses and allow yourself the joy of touching the energy that created that beautiful mountain, that same energy that dwells within you as you. Do you allow yourself to deeply feel the wonderment at such a creation as BOTH those things? Do you allow yourself the intimate conscious connection of expressing that feeling of thankfulness for what you are witnessing, both out your window and within yourself? The energy is the same, there is no difference. Know this in your mind; manifest it in your being.


We have known knowing. We have merged it into our being. Through alignment the depth of knowing has increased. We have welcomed the further deeper understanding we have by using joy as our guide. Now we must give. Give not only to ourselves but others. There was giving in alignment but now it is time to share the deeper more heart felt insights we have gained. This is far from a cerebral exercise. This is an exercise for our entire being.  We ask you know, how do you give? Do you give only partially, as in give only your thoughts from your mind, and not from your heart? Do you give with only partial energy as you feel you need to withhold so as to not give too much? Is your giving conditional in that you expect something back from your giving? OR do you give freely with no strings, no expectations? This is not a question that can be answered quickly by most people. As you examine yourself do not judge yourself harshly. Allow yourself to see yourself as you truly are. Are you giving to others in a way that is in alignment with your spiritual beliefs? Not the beliefs you say you believe, but those precepts that you truly believe that are a part of your being, that express your connection with whatever you consider divine. Be honest, not judgmental.  Do you truly give of your time, money, thoughts, your LOVE the way you envision God, Spirit, whatever you consider divine wants you to give?

Copyright © 2009 by Jon Mark

Note:  Part 3 of this message will post on July 3, 2009.