Change is With You

by JonMark

I received this from Spirit on 14 September 2008.


Breathe with us for a moment and allow your mind to entertain the idea of there being a new form of energy around you and soon to be running through you. When we say through you, we mean on all levels, in all dimensions and all times.

Know that the healing you seek is but a thought away. Know that the prosperity you seek is but a thought a way. Know that a new love that you seek is only a thought away. So we ask you now, what are you thinking? Wherein do your thoughts lay?

We know you realize and you have all heard for many years now that you exist in only but one dimension of hundreds upon thousand of dimensions. There are not just 12, there are not just 100 there are more than you can count. Whether you believe it or not does not change any of this, for what is, IS.

Many modern day prophets cry out that your lives are about to change over these next few days, weeks, months and even years. In fact, we do not know of a time when change is not happening somewhere in the sphere of your being. Your very cells are changing this very instant. Your brain cells are working overtime as you read this trying to comprehend where we are going next, what thought will be next.

STOP IT. Relax and breathe.

Granted, your changes over these new months and year will be greater than many yet we see that you continue to say you welcome this change. Do you? Truly? As your life changes, so will the lives of those around. You will be the catalyst to begin this change for so many around you. Once again, you must show them the way and demonstrate the new level of leadership that we know lies within you. Yes, it will be different. As was said before you will be “about your fathers work”. That is the easiest way to say it. It will flow as effortlessly as you allow it. Some will be amazed. It is not your amazement we would ask from you but your thank-fill-ness and your devotion to your path. We know that you are aware of where we are going and yet you hold back from that expression.

What is it that holds you back? You know that it is only one word…fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of the loss of love, fear of the loss of support. Call them out of the dark and allow the light of God/Spirit/Universal Consciousness to shine upon them and see what happens when this light engages fear. Once again, apply the higher light vibration to the lower vibration of fear and see what miraculous things begin to emerge.

Be still and know that I am with you as I have always been with you. Know that WE are with you.

Impress upon those that there is a voice as you have heard your entire life that speaks to them. It is unique to every person that listens and yet it is a voice that is older than time itself.

Down through the ages many have heard this voice and spoke as prophets, teachers, holy men and women. It was nothing more than the voice of God/Spirit/Universal Energy that was speaking to/through them. In these most recent days, some have called it by different names for the different aspects of source that manifest so others on this planet will relate. Some have called it Seth, some Ramtha, some now call it Abraham. It is all the same source. Source of a collective mind of thousands of beings with input from the great creative/creator force itself. Begin to allow yourself the awareness of how “BIG” this really is. You cannot know it 100% for it is truly unknowable. What you can know is how you interact with is greatness every moment of your life. How you speak, what you believe, what you give to others and what you allow yourself to give to yourself reflect your connection to this source energy.

What you can do is look towards this source for your daily sustenance and wellbeing. Interface with it as often as you can until you become one with it.

What does becoming one with it mean? It means allowing your personal energies to come into alignment with a force that is bigger than you energetically. A power that created universes and the stars and planets that populates those galaxies; an energy that resides within you, as you.

Yes your life is about to change. Does not matter how young or old you are. If you are on a spiritual path you will feel this beginning to unfold. The final energy channels are preparing to open for you and those that are like you as well. The manifestation and opening of these channels will manifest as uniquely as those beings they are manifesting in. Some will flow on an easy path, others will need more guidance and others will move down it kicking and screaming, as they would never consider moving from where they are to where they can be.

Truth will find its way

Over these last few months we have seen movements/moments of genuine concern on many of your brothers and sisters on this path. The questions have poured forth. Almost all of them are based on lack on some level. Some have been answered in a way that will satisfy the seeker and others have not been at all pleased to hear what was to be said to them for it implied work to be done on their part.

The next time someone makes a statement to you about the changes that are approaching, say “Thank you for those kind words, I AM looking forward to this change” In all ways, do your best to be in/at peace with all things of your life. Realize the “what is” and then let it go. If you find something that you can alter, then discern if these changes are truly in your highest and best good and then follow through with them. You do not get extra spiritual points for leading a lack luster life.

Life is a gift from the creator to you. You are more than your everyday life. You are more than your job. You are more than your loves and much more than your not loved (un-lived) places you may wonder.

Realize you can change any of these challenges in the amount of time takes you draw in a breath for it is all energy. Energy of a form that is so basic in what it does that it appears complex to our human brains. Go beyond the brain; go into the realm of spiritual mind. Allow yourself to enter into that space where all things are known. All things can be experienced. In many cases when you are open, you need not experience the so-called negative emotional thoughts and beliefs in order to understand a certain concept for what are your thoughts made of, ENERGY!! Energy can be changed and transmuted into just about any form you would like. So you say “I want to attract to myself 40 Million dollars this week”. How does that feel to you? What energy channels need to be opened so you can be receptive to such and energy as this? What thoughts need to be thought again so this can manifest in your life? When your first reaction is that you could never do that, then you never will. So much of your life, this life, relies on manifestation on so many levels. This earth is the school of manifestation. WHAT you choose to manifest is up to you.

Gross vs. Subtle energies

For many thousands of people this entire life experience in this time (??) is about the experience of gross vs. subtle energies. Gross energies are the larger waves of consciousness that come to this dimension from time to time and your response to it. Subtle energies are the energies of others that are around you that give of their energy so that everyone in this dimension has the opportunity to progress and move along the path of achieving their own unique “highest and best good”.

Down through the centuries you had all sorts of different men and women who were the seekers of this more subtle energy. They were the holy men and women that have walked this path before you. They are the prophets, teachers, men and women devoting their lives, yeah, their entire being to understanding these subtle differences. Almost all of them have gained the wisdom that with the understanding of subtle energies quantum leaps of consciousness can and will increase to a much stronger vibration. Know this next sentence is true. In this day and time, each spiritually aware being is a holy person. The days of saints, fakirs, monks, and nuns are passing away. We have the ability to be our own prophet in our own back yard enhancing the growth for all our brothers and sisters. Now is a time for the balance.

As much as we like to focus on the enlightenment, we must take a moment and remind you that there will be those that are stuck in the old ways. Know that this is a conscious choice on their parts. Some may have various and different names for these people. WE just see them as being stuck. Stuck in/of the mindset of releasing power to others so they will be taken care of. That is what many of your brothers and sisters are doing in your dimension as we speak. From where we observe, we see many of you preparing to move and yet we are aware of the same number of those people that choose to give up their power to another and let it happen to them. They are those that do not “cause” events to happen in their life but are at the “mercy” of those events. Have you not seen this, surely you have.

Know that you are cause of all things in your life. There is no chance. There is now great bald man with a huge beard pulling puppet strings on you. The only strings are the ones you attach yourself to limit the expression of the divine that lives with in, that you truly are at the core of your being.

Ask yourself this non-judgmental question: Why do you restrain/constrain the expression of the divine that you are? What do you gain by this constraint in your life? Is it because you are most familiar with this energy that is blocked and with comfort comes an unwillingness to move. WE realize this is a challenge for many of you. WE lovingly encourage you to examine all these areas where you are not growing, are not prospering in your life and allow yourself to dream the resolution into manifestation. Allow yourself to develop a sharp eye for those areas in your life where you are stagnant. Create relationships with others who you can discuss these things with. Help them remove the mote in your eye so you can help them remove the mote from their eye as well. Be of service.

Create the resolution in your mind using as much clarity as possible. See yourself achieving this pinnacle in your growth surrounded with overflowing support from those in your dimension and those in ours. Breathe it, see it, and create it all the while giving thanks for it.

In closing:

Be ready for those accelerated moments in your consciousness and give thanks for them as often as you are led to. Live in a constant state of amazement, a constant state of attunement to the highest vibration you are. Never be afraid to move beyond, the beyond for when you do, you find yourself staring back, full of life, full of radiance, full of compassion and above all things, full of love. Let these thoughts bring about a greater sense of attunement to source energies in every moment of your life. Yes, even whilst you sleep. Allow your last thoughts before sleep to be those of gratitude for the life you are living, blessings to all sentient beings, and affirmations of the glorious journey of spiritual un-foldment that is life itself.

Here is where we end for now. Rest. Be peace.

Copyright © 2008 by Jon Mark