As Above…So Below

By Jon Mark

I received this message from Spirit on 4 January 2004.

Beloved Self,

Speak to me of the coming energy and what we parts are to play in this energy as it approaches.

Take refuge in this energy. Take refuge in the compassion of this energy. In the times ahead, compassion is where you will draw your greatest strength and where you will find your greatest solace as you work more and more with the new energy as it approaches.

Be not afraid. This is the first energy of the ancient energies that will actually manifest upon this physical plane of your existence. The energies of the great cosmic grid are shifting and rising in vibration.

As above, so below!!!!  May we so remind you?

Ergo, the great energies of the earthly cosmic connected grid are redirecting themselves as well. The place to put your attention is in the area around the place you call Yellowstone Park. The great caldera begins to boil towards the surface as the great grid shifts polarity in that area of the land. Metaphysically the great mother spirit is reaching for the sky to blend with the father once again. When this happens there is a great disturbance for the children of the planet. New life will be created where the ancients were sacrificed and their energy released back into the heavens.

Our children are safe. Know that the great grid has moved many miles and many nodes that were once closed are now being opened for the first time in millennia. Yes, my dear ones, MILLENNIA.

It is time for the great cycle to repeat itself to you once again. The shift brings about great change for those enlightened beings that have eyes to see and ears to hear. You will all be amazed at what will be heard. The Energy as it evolves over the next few years will become audible to many, a pulsing sound. Yet it will be sound that none can have cognition of for it goes deeper than any of you who are currently living on this planet have ever heard. This is a sound that is as primordial and the great singing stones of the Far East. The energy is palpable to those that heal by touch for it is truly a healing energy of the most creative power, healing through reorganization and movement of the great grid within and above this planet.

As we have said the vibration is palpable and is not for the faint of heart. It brings about great change and great opportunity. Please remember that the energy is not selective. It is something that can be focused and understood by those that are willing to work with it, allow it to move through their physical and spiritual forms, incorporate it into their being and then release the energy to the world.

As was said the other night, the great work is about to begin. Are you ready for it? Have you made room for it in your life?

Practice your compassion in your daily lives, ignoring no one, accepting everyone, no matter how many times you have discussed it, no matter how many times you have explained it, see it from the COMPASSIONATE viewpoint and we promise you that in this day and time, the relationship will advance, healing will take place and you both will evolve beyond your wildest creation. This energy calls all those exalted beings to the forefront of the their daily lives. Hiding in the shadows is no longer part of the path. Stand forth, live your compassion. Take refuge in compassion and let IT be your guide.

BE the compassionate peace you are.

From the great crystalline central sun, we are the


Copyright © 2004, 2009 by Jon Mark