Connecting with I AM — Part 1

By Jon Mark

I received this from Spirit on 2 April 2009.

Know now that you are all returning back to us once again.  Your time away was useful and regenerative we pray.  Drift with us here for a moment and allow us to bring you back. Bring you back into alignment with your self, your being and your light.  The light of Life.  The light of Spirit.  Light that holds the very atoms of your being together.  Light that vibrates on may different frequencies.  In your bodies, around them and through them.


You are not separate from me.  NEVER.  How can we be separate?

We are older than time itself.  Younger than new life waiting to emerge.  Existing in more dense and more light filled dimensions.  All at the same time.

Stop and breathe.  As you breathe feel the light come into your body.  Feel your body swell with this energy.  Exhale out all that is not in alignment with your true being.

Your true being that I AM.  From the heart of I AM you were created and sent.

Sent to be here, in this dimension and in this time.  Know that out of the thousands of souls, you and yours asked to come and to be of service.

You saw beyond the veil of time.  Felt the “calling” or the need  as a group we sat and opened our hearts.

Connected once again….










The beginning of the process. Knowing can also be called discovery. It begins as that still small voice saying “How about this” or “Look over here”. As spiritual beings we are curious. Curious about many things in this life. We begin the inquisitive part as a simple “What if” thought. We ponder it. We rotate it in our minds one way and then another.

We seek a deeper understanding of that which drives us onward. We pray. We meditate. We think some more. At time we become lost in the quicksand of our own minds. When this happens we begin an increased learning phase. Inertia is not such a bad place to be. It gives us the respite we need to look back, observe the present and look forward.

Keep in mind that no thought is really NEW. It may be a new way of looking at a topic but it has been thought before. The beauty of it is how we apply it to our own unique selves. The communication of this unique vision is where and how we are of service to our fellow beings both inside and outside this dimension.


We begin to hold this “knowing” and take it with us as we are in contact with those around us. Sometimes you will get the urge to “share” this thought with others of like vibration. This is where vibrational awareness comes into play. Not only the awareness but the vibrational maturity to know when to hold the energy unto yourself and when to release it to others that will help amplify the “thought energy” to new vibrations.

Discernment is the key here. Discernment is where our own personal energy comes into action. No one can MAKE us share something with another being. It is a choice. Every time we open our mouths we are choosing, on some level, to say whatever it is we are about to speak. Sometimes we speak with no conscious thought; we just allow our brain to spew out whatever it wants. I would humbly suggest that this is not the best plan of communication.

As a reminder; everything we say is powered by vibration. Vibration is energy. We are beings of energy. Energy this is from one universal source, one universal creator. When you speak, your words carry with it that intense vibrational energy. Regardless of whether you are saying “I love you” or cursing someone it is the same energy. The emotion by which we speak is the amplifier to the vibration.

In a perfect world we would always remember this before we spoke yet, we do not. Why some ask? We reply, “Are you not here to learn and to increase the feeling of connection with all that you are and all that you are capable of being.”

Copyright © 2009 by Jon Mark

Note:  Part 2 of this message will Post on June 30, 2009.