Connecting with I AM — Part 2

By Jon Mark

This is a continuation of  a message I received from Spirit on 2 April 2009.










We have had that thought. We have held it and it has gestated. We have shared it with those that would help us grow it and now we begin to incorporate that thought into our being. We begin to align our thoughts, our being and open to the greater wisdom that lies within the thought. This is the place where the awareness sets in that many things are not as they seem.

We have matured with our thoughts and really see/feel how this/these thought(s) are now becoming beliefs and how we are incorporating them into our mind and into our lives. Once again our old friend discernment comes into play. Are we coming into alignment with this with ease or are we shoving something that does not really fit into our vibrational field because we are doing it for someone else?

The manifestation of our lives is nothing more than an exercise in alignment. Remember alignment does not happen just for us but for those around us. Remember that alignment is not constant and it can change. There will be people through out your life where at one time you were in alignment with them and then it faded. It by no means, means you love them less. It just means that you were together once and now it is not comfortable for you to stay where you are, you have moved away from alignment.

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Remembering Past Lives — A Reincarnation Story

Like many people on the path, I came into this life with past life memories. And like most people, no one believed me, so I was easily talked out of it and had to ‘rediscover’ it in meditation. I’m glad to know that some are not talked out of it.

This is a touching story of a little boy who remembers his past life as a fighter pilot in World War II. This is divided into two videos.

Hope you enjoy it.

Watch this next:

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The Rules For Being Human

I have no idea who originated this set of “ruled.” I know I received it in more than one e-mail. And the first time was more than ten years ago. I have saved it all these years because I deeply resonated with it.

Every time I read it, it rings true for me. I would like to thank the anonymous person who wrote these “rules.”


1. You will receive a body. You may like it or hate it, but it’s the only thing you are sure to keep for the rest of your life.

2. You will learn lessons. You are enrolled in a full-time informal school called “life” on planet earth. Every person or incident you encounter is the Universal Teacher.

3. There are no mistakes, only lessons. Growth is a process of experimentation. Failures are as much a part of the process as success.

4. A lesson is repeated until it is learned. It is presented to you in various forms until you learn it.

5. External problems are a precise reflection of your internal state.

6. There is nothing better than here. When your there becomes a here you will simply obtain another there that again looks better than here.

7. Others are only mirrors of you. You cannot love or hate something about another unless it reflects something you love or hate in yourself.

8. Your life is up to you. Life provides the canvas: you do the painting.

9. You always get what you want. Your subconscious rightly determines what energies, experiences and people you attract – therefore, the only foolproof way to know what you want is to look at what you have.

10. There is no right or wrong, but there are consequences. Moralizing doesn’t help – judgments only hold the patterns in place. Just do your best.

11. Your answers lie inside you. At first we need guidance from others, but as we mature we learn to trust our hearts, where Laws of Spirit are written.

12. You forgot all of this.

13. You can remember any time you wish.

I find these words very comforting. I hope these words resonate with you, as well.

Copyright © 2010 by Victoria Young

Connecting with I AM — Part 1

By Jon Mark

I received this from Spirit on 2 April 2009.

Know now that you are all returning back to us once again.  Your time away was useful and regenerative we pray.  Drift with us here for a moment and allow us to bring you back. Bring you back into alignment with your self, your being and your light.  The light of Life.  The light of Spirit.  Light that holds the very atoms of your being together.  Light that vibrates on may different frequencies.  In your bodies, around them and through them.


You are not separate from me.  NEVER.  How can we be separate?

We are older than time itself.  Younger than new life waiting to emerge.  Existing in more dense and more light filled dimensions.  All at the same time.

Stop and breathe.  As you breathe feel the light come into your body.  Feel your body swell with this energy.  Exhale out all that is not in alignment with your true being.

Your true being that I AM.  From the heart of I AM you were created and sent.

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Review – A New Earth by Eckart Tolle

I was lucky enough to find this book in March 2007, when I was going through a personal crisis. I read it twice. I am now reading it again. The wisdom contained in this book goes far beyond words. (Odd for me to say, I know, since a book is a collection of words.)

A New Earth reminds us who we really are. We are pure Source energy, eternal and forever a part of the One Source of all-that-is. The quietness of meditation helps us realize that. Tolle says that when we don’t remember who we are, we are experiencing the Pain Body, the pain from the negative energy field that occupies the body and mind. It is an emotional pain body.

I discovered recently, when working with someone on thoughts creating reality, that you cannot consistently create the reality you want if you don’t know who you really are. The person I was working with claims to believe that we create our reality. And yet she was completely resisting ownership of something she created.

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Thinning Veil Between Dimensions

By Jon Mark

I received this on 20 June 2009.


It is with great pleasure we enter into this space with you to begin this discourse. We will get right to the matter at hand for it is an urgent matter to many of you. We have heard the question from all of you and will take this time to respond to your questioning…”what is next”.

For the next 10 of your earth months the veil that separates dimensions will be quite thin. Normally those on the “other side” as you like to call it have some energetic distance between the dimensions. For the next few months this will not be the case. Many of the other dimensions will be moving very close to the dimension where you hold your physical vibration at this time.

For those of you visual in nature imagine many spirals in sorts of arrangements, think of them all bumping into each other with various arms of the spiral touching. If you can hold a quantum image in many dimensions all touching then you have a great visual representation of your next 10 months. It is not a single point of contact but multiple contacts on many different levels. Hold that image. Now realize that your own personal energetic fields will be responding in the same way. We heard someone say, “Mind your own vibration”. This is a good mantra for the next few months. Be aware when it is your own vibration causing the disruption in your energetic fields and when it is an external energy exerting influence over you.

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Stop Multi-tasking — Start Being Present

I recently observed someone who had visitors. While the visitors were there, she had the television on and was splitting her attention between visitors and TV. In addition, she was also taking calls on her land line and her mobile phone – sometimes both at the same time. When she was talking to someone on the mobile (while the visitors were sitting quietly, but the TV was loud), another call was coming in on the mobile, so she cut off the call in order to take the second call, even though she did not EVEN know who the second caller was.

When I was driving home at about 11:00 PM a couple of nights ago, there was a car driving erratically on the freeway, weaving badly. I wanted to get past him as soon as possible to avoid an accident. As I passed, it was clear he was texting while driving 70 MPH on the freeway.

When I go through the checkout stand at the grocery store, I observe the person in front of me talking loudly on the cell phone about details of her personal life that the rest of us did not need to hear. As she carried on the conversation, she did not speak to the cashier who was waiting on her. She did not even acknowledge the clerk’s existence. Ninety percent (perhaps more) of her attention was directed toward telling her sordid story to the other person on the phone.

All of these people are examples of someone putting their attention somewhere other than HERE AND NOW.

As I was thinking about this article, my guidance came through on June 17, 2009. Here is what they said:

Dear Ones,

So many of you are desperately seeking something by trying to do more and more. You think that if you keep fitting more DOING into your time that you will get closer to the something you seek. It is actually creating a wider separation between you and the something you seek.

Some of you seek approval. This approval could come in the form of admiration by others, people telling you that you do a good job, or telling you how clever you are, how nice you are, how funny you are. No matter what form of approval you seek, you are seeking it to validate your worthiness so that YOU can truly believe that you are “good enough.” If you are seeking this kind of validation, it is likely that there would never be enough approval to convince you that you no longer need to seek approval.

Some of you are seeking control. The kind of control you seek is an illusion. You think that if you just do enough, you can control everything that happens and have everything be exactly as you prefer. Do you not realize that Source has ability to override your control at anytime? Do you not realize that by seeking control, you are not leaving room for the unexpected miracles of life to flow in? Those who seek control are resisting the benevolent flow of life.

Some of you are seeking security, which is a variation of control. The security you seek may be in the form of “safety.” If you are working hard to seek safety then you do not trust Source to keep you safe. Seeking safety may mean you believe the world is not safe. Do not forget that your life experience will validate your core beliefs. If you believe it is not safe, you will experience “not safe.”

Some of you are seeking security in the form of “money.” Again, we are sure you can easily see that seeking security in the form of money is a reflection of a core belief that “there is not enough.” Do you not yet know that Source is infinitely abundant? We shall repeat, for this is important. Source is infinitely abundant. Infinitely abundant.

A long time ago, someone who was paying attention heard the words “Be still and know that I am.” Source tells us to be still — be present — and remember that Source is all that is. Infinitely abundant. Take comfort in that.

If you can give up your busy-ness, be still, be present, you will realize you already are all that you seek. You are part of Source yourself. In ancient times they used the term “child of God” to express the knowledge that they are one with Source. It has since become a term used to emphasize separation between self and God.

There is no separation. There is only one. One Source. One “all-that-is.” There is no need for so much activity. Be still. Know that Source is all. Relax into this knowledge and you will realize there is nothing to seek.

Copyright © 2009 by Victoria Young

Stop "Trying"

I’m sure you remember how we have been told for years that we should eliminate the word “but” from our vocabulary. The reason being that when you put it in the middle of a sentence, you negate everything that came before it. Examples: I want to go to that class but it costs $100. He’s a nice guy but I know things about him that you don’t. See how it negates the first part? It is an excellent idea to ban “but” from your language.

Another word that needs to get the heave-ho is “try.” Eliminate the word “try” from your vocabulary because “try” implies things like:

“probably can’t”
“don’t believe I can”
“will pretend to do it”

Do you remember Yoda? He is one of my favorite movie characters. In Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back, Luke Skywalker is taking training from Yoda. Yoda instructs Luke to do something, to which he replies that he will try. Jedi Master Yoda responds with:

“Do, or do not. There is no ‘try.'”

That phrase from Yoda is used often in motivational classes because the instructors know well that “try” can be a sabotage word.

I met one of my heroes, Louise Hay in 1989 at the American Booksellers Association convention in Washington, DC. We were both working the convention in adjoining booths. Hay House was fairly new and she was there to promote their titles. I was there to promote my book Spirit Guides; communicating with your unseen friends.

Since we were standing next to each other for hours, we chatted periodically. I was wearing a fuchsia colored dress. Louise commented that it was a good color on me. I said “Thanks, I’m trying to lose weight and…” She cut me off before I could finish the sentence. “You’re not trying to do anything.” Louise said, “Either you’re losing weight or you’re not.”

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As Above…So Below

By Jon Mark

I received this message from Spirit on 4 January 2004.

Beloved Self,

Speak to me of the coming energy and what we parts are to play in this energy as it approaches.

Take refuge in this energy. Take refuge in the compassion of this energy. In the times ahead, compassion is where you will draw your greatest strength and where you will find your greatest solace as you work more and more with the new energy as it approaches.

Be not afraid. This is the first energy of the ancient energies that will actually manifest upon this physical plane of your existence. The energies of the great cosmic grid are shifting and rising in vibration.

As above, so below!!!!  May we so remind you?

Ergo, the great energies of the earthly cosmic connected grid are redirecting themselves as well. The place to put your attention is in the area around the place you call Yellowstone Park. The great caldera begins to boil towards the surface as the great grid shifts polarity in that area of the land. Metaphysically the great mother spirit is reaching for the sky to blend with the father once again. When this happens there is a great disturbance for the children of the planet. New life will be created where the ancients were sacrificed and their energy released back into the heavens.

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Why I Stopped Watching The News

I don’t watch the news anymore. I trust Spirit to make sure I find out about anything I REALLY need to know. I don’t seek it out, though. I do occasionally visit the Good News Network (you can find it in my Links to the right).

Listening to, reading or watching the news creates anxiety. I know a woman who gets positively frantic every time she hears about a new disease or virus. She talks about it and its dangers to anyone who will listen. She says she listens to audios and videos of Abraham and the Law of Attraction, yet she lets the news steer her completely away from that understanding. She says she knows your thoughts create your reality and yet she obsessively puts her attention on negative stuff because it is on the news.

I know another woman who does the same thing with news from the political realm. I hear people in restaurants discussing the news with great intensity. The more negative the news, the more intense they get.

For some reason, when people hear something on the news, they tend to believe it is more real and more solid because it was on the news. In actuality, it just contributes to creating more of the crap you say you don’t like. If you put your attention on bad news, that’s what you’ll manifest more of.

The powers that be at the news organizations seem to think that danger, hate, genocide, tragedy, war, cruelty, death, destruction and disease are the most newsworthy topics. Putting your attention on the news causes you to be distracted and put your attention on things you are against. Why would I want to give power to the things I don’t like? I would much rather give power to the things I do like.

FYI, I was a news addict. Really. (“Hello, my name is Victoria and I’m a news addict.”) I had news channels on as background noise all day long. I prided myself on being able to converse intelligently on any topic. I competed with others (my intellectual friends) to prove that I was extremely well informed. I was well informed about crap that did not matter. More than that, I was inundated.

My time spent meditating and working with my guides was offset by listening to the news and making it real for me. The peace and sense of well being I got while meditating went away quickly when I watched the news and allowed myself to get caught up in the “it’s a dangerous world out there” mentality. My blood pressure rose when I saw political pundits arguing and I decided one of them was WRONG. I got lost in the “us versus them” mentality.

In Meditation I found Oneness. In the news I found separation and duality.

Long after I knew that watching the news was counter-productive to my chosen path, I continued to watch it faithfully. I had so much of my identity tied up in being smart, knowledgeable, quick-witted, etc., that I was not ready to let go of the news. I didn’t know who I would be without my “colossal intellect”. (Other people told me it was colossal and I quickly identified with it.)

But, gradually I found the energy of the news to be uncomfortable. I could feel the palpable negativity that it created. I found myself turning it off sooner each day. Now, I don’t turn it on. I am much happier, more peaceful and more creative without the news.

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